COSMO Document Control

COSMO Document Control is an extremely efficient and smart system for controlling regulatory and audit documents. It provides fast and effortless access to the world of managed templates, document files, controlled documents and workflows.

The basis for this is the COSMO Quality Management Pack (QMP) platform, which ensures transparent processes and a standardized, continuous audit trail.

It versionizes all content and visually highlights every change in document comparisons so that they can be identified explicitly. Various workflows ensure that tasks are assigned, documents published and reading confirmations obtained.

COSMO Document Control can be operated stand alone and regardless of any specific platform. It is available as on-premise solution as well as a cloud service.

A significant advantage is that you can extend the QMP platform with pretty much any additional process you might need. If required, an integration into leading applications can be carried out as well. You can rest assured knowing you‘ll maintain flexibility in implementing your scenarios at all times. Whether if it’s a cloud or a classic on-premise solution you`re going for, you`ll remain completely open to all future changes as you can migrate in any direction at any time.

The integration to Microsoft 365, Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams is already included in the standard. Other Microsoft Dynamics products can easily be integrated due to the common technology platform. Even systems from third party providers can be integrated seamlessly.

COSMO Document Control is also customizable regarding processes in all other business units. This way forms, workflows, views or even reports can be redesigned and extended.

Even processes and workflows that are already being used „live“ can be adapted and extended without interrupting operations. To get you started immediately, we provide a variety of templates, such as user-friendly dashboards, online help and KPI reports

Ytligare information om COSMO Document Control finns på vår COSMO Marketplace.

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