Next level of prediction: COSMO Extension-Test-as-a-Service

Are you sure that the customized extensions on your ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS/On-Prem are compatible with the two Microsoft release waves each year?

With our new predictive service COSMO Extension-Test-as-a-Service (ETaaS) you can feel safe about compliance, saving time and money!

With COSMO ETaaS we can set up automatic tests of your extensions and trial them before the release waves go live!

For this service, we create a virtual environment in Microsoft Azure DevOps, install and compile current and upcoming versions of Business Central (BC) as well as all customer-unique applications and capture warnings and/or error messages that will occur in upcoming versions of BC. Our experts process all automated tests and document the results of passed and failed tests depending on errors and warnings that happen in the customer application due to changes in the upcoming BC versions. Based on the outcomes you can take action - plan for and fix any upcoming issue long before the actual BC upgrades need to take place. This predictive tool will save you time, money and spare the nerves of your employees.

Included in the COSMO ETaaS package:

  • Installation
  • Parameter setting

Needed ERP-system version:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 15 SaaS/OnPrem & newer versions

For more information please visit or get in touch with:

Markus Engman
General Manager Sweden