Nicole Müller | Chief Brand & People Officer

Nicole Müller | CBPO

There is a quote which is usually attributed to Hannibal: "I will either find a way or make one." As we all know, the Carthaginian general famously made his way across the Alps. Perhaps not as significantly for history but with just as much vision and innovation, Nicole Müller is clearing a path for people at COSMO CONSULT and for brand impact.

In her position as Chief Brand & People Officer, Nicole embodies the self-image of COSMO CONSULT as a company geared to people-focused technologies. To her, trailblazing business solutions are not goals in themselves. They have to provide people with new opportunities and ways to grow and give expression to their own unique talents and abilities.

Nicole pours her professional experience and creativity into shaping a powerful brand that reflects this image. To her, the COSMO branding & communication concept developed under her management is more than just a question of image. It's about honesty and authenticity. It's about gaging people's actual needs and making high-tech comprehensible and approachable for every target group.

In order to re-imagine a brand, you need courage and openness to the unknown. But most of all, you need people and their willingness to experience new things. Previously in her career, Nicole has headed up marketing, branding and sales departments in various sectors. She understands the significance of customer perception, communication and personnel management. Being curious and exploring new avenues are part of her life as well as her vocation. At COSMO CONSULT, she gives people the inspiration and the courage to find their own way – or make it.